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  1. Jon Whitbeck

    Hi there,

    Apologies for the lag in response to your message on Twitter. I am wearing a number of hats for Smart Gay Life. We’ve only been live for four months, and it’s a bit overwhelming as we strive to develop and grow.

    We were pleased to tag you on the article we wrote that featured your new novel, Vienna. I personally look forward to reading it! Sounds like a great concept for a mystery. 🙂

    In your tweet you had asked how you might be able to help us (provide or share content?). Were you meaning that you might be able to write an article for us? If so, we would very excited to have you write something for Smart Gay Life.

    I did notice that you’ve written for other publications in the past. We publish a wide variety of content. In fact, we recently had an article on “LGBT in Science Fiction” and one on “Green Investing”. (I noticed that we share a love of nature and the outdoors.)

    Regardless, we are happy to promote your book, and it is great to connect. When you have a chance, please let me know your thoughts. Wishing you great success with your novel, Vienna!

    Kind thanks,

    Jon Whitbeck


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