My next project, DOWNSHIFT, is a mystery/thriller concerning an innocuous-looking orange box folded out of sheet metal.  No one seems certain what the box does but everyone from Russian spies to the Chinese mafia are willing to kill for it.  Can a small-time thief, an acid-tripping geek, and a retired NFL all-star come up with answers before they join the hit parade?  Mix in a government assassin who has all the emotion of Spock on Valium, as well as a comic book aficionado who believes everything she reads, and things are likely to get dicey.  And that’s before the secret of the orange box threatens to spread mayhem across the planet.

Taipei 101 reminds Jane of a towering stack of Chinese take-out boxes; eight pale green containers set on a tapering pedestal. The structure is supposed to be reminiscent of pagodas, but the imagery borders on Vegas banal instead of Asian chic. Jane can never decide if the building is cheesy enough to be exotic or exotic enough to be beautiful.

Taipei 101 rises from the fog.  (Photograph by author)

Taipei 101 rises from the fog. (Photograph by author)

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