The Wienerwald.  Photograph by author.

The Wienerwald. Photograph by author.

Currently, most of my writing time is split between gearing up for the release of Vienna and a new project, which has the working title: “This new novel I’m working on.”

As for Vienna, I will be doing signings in the Denver area and in SoCal as well.  As the release approaches, this list will expand.  Please note that as the novel deals with themes of special interest to the LGBTQ community as well as to those working with pervasive developmental disorders, I would be happy to address how I approached these subjects in Vienna.  (One of fundamental the themes of Vienna is a plea for neurodiversity.)  If you are aware of any organization that would interested in how these potentialy contentious topics play out in fiction, please contact me.

Justine whirled to face an empty path.  A skewed tree whispered to the breeze, banners of lichen hanging from lower branches.


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